So, I’ve never had a consistent daily, weekly or monthly post on my blog, and now I’ve decided it’s about time that I do. I’m a huge music buff, and I have a crazy passion for discovering new stuff. Scouring tumblr, youtube and the rest of the internet for great new music has been a hobby of mine for a while. Often on my hunts I’ll also re-discover music that I once loved, whether it’s from 6 months ago or 6 years ago. I think it’s important to look ahead, but also to look back when it comes to music. The reason why I decided to start this is because it would be pretty rad to actually document what I find on a weekly basis, that way I can A. look back at my discoveries and B. share the awesome stuff I come across.

So what are N-Tracks? The “N” stands for both “new" and "nostalgic”. The “tracks" part is pretty self explanatory. Each Sunday I’ll be posting a total of 7 tracks, and providing a link to stream their audio or video. Usually there will be 5 new and 2 nostalgic tracks, but other times there might only be 1 nostalgic (this really depends on the week). Some might be acoustic, instrumental, rock, folk, electronic, etc. but guaranteed it will be something I’ve recently discovered or re-discovered. Anyways, stay tuned for my first post this coming weekend, and if you have any suggestions, get at me on Twitter!

"Sans Soleil" by Miike Snow

I like this song for summer nights.
It’s not too fast or too slow. It’s not too happy or too sad sounding. It’s relaxing without making me want to pass out. It’s lively enough to make me smile, without the urge to get up and dance. It makes me want to bask in the warm, calmness of the nighttime summer air and let out a satisfied sigh. 

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A little bit of an oldie now. But as I usually say- Still a goodie. 

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